This page provides COVID-19 related sources, including links to Executive Orders, vaccine information, guidance for re-openings, media pieces, surveys of metropolitan city officials relating to COVID needs and other information and resources. The page is regularly updated. Bookmark this page and follow the Metro Cities twitter account and newsletter for the latest information. 


Federal American Rescue Plan

Local Government ARP Funding Request Process - MN COVID-19 Response Accountability Office
Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund FAQ 
Update Supplier Profile and Information - Quick Reference Guide - SWIFT
Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund - USDT 
Take Steps Now to Avoid Delays in American Rescue Plan Funding - League of MN Cities 
Allocation Estimates for Metro Cities
Everything You Need to Know About COVID Relief - National League of Cities
American Rescue Plan Summary - League of MN Cities (March 15, 2021)
What the American Relief Plan means for Minnesota - MinnPost (March 8, 2021) 
Local Govs Will Spend Stimulus Relief in Different Ways - Governing

Vaccine Information and Guidance 

Vaccine Connector 
MDH Vaccine Information, Data, Guidance
CDC Vaccine Information
Guidance for Fully Vaccinated People 

Executive Orders, State Information and Guidance

Emergency Executive Order 21-23 
Emergency Executive Order 21-21 
Safely Ending COVID-19 Restrictions 
Executive Orders from Governor Walz 
Minnesota's Stay Safe Plan 
Minnesota COVID-19 Dashboard 
COVID-19 Information for Minnesotans 
COVID-19 Data by Race/Ethnicity 
Minnesota COVID-19 Numbers - MinnPost 
Coronavirus Latest Articles - Pioneer Press  
What You Need to Know About the Novel Coronavirus - Star Tribune

Federal CARES Act and Coronavirus Relief Fund

Updated Federal FAQ - Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF)  
Coronavirus Relief Fund FAQ  
CRF Guidance for State, Territorial, Local, and Tribal Governments 

Process for Local Governments
MN COVID-19 Response Accountability Office 
CARES Act Funding Information for Cities  - League of MN Cities
Coronavirus Relief Fund for Local Governments - MN DOR

Safely Returning to Work

Best Practices for Social Distancing in the Workplace - MN DEED
Safely Returning to Work - MN DEED
Guidance on Safely Reopening Minnesota Businesses - MN DEED

City Employment Issues During COVID-19 Pandemic - League of MN Cities 
DRAFT Preparedness Plan for Employers - MN DLI 
Safely Reopening Municipal Facilities - National League of Cities  
Employment Issues Associated With 'Returning to the New Normal' - League of MN Cities
Reopening Buildings After Shutdown - CDC
COVID-19 Resources for Retailers - MN Retailers Association 

Restaurants and Outdoor Dining

Restaurant Revitalization Fund - SBA 
COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Guidance: Requirements for Indoor Venues 
State Right of Way for Outdoor Dining
Outdoor SAC Treatment for COVID-19 - Metropolitan Council 
Guidance for Cities on Expanding Outdoor Service at Restaurants and Bars - League of MN Cities 

State and Local Budget Impacts

Local Action Tracker - National League of Cities
Cities Anticipate $360 Billion Revenue Shortfall - CitiesSpeak (National League of Cities) 

Tax Resources for Cities, Businesses, and Individuals 

Income Tax Filing and Payment Grace Period  - MN DOR
Our Response to COVID-19 - MN DOR
Sales Tax Payment Extension for Businesses Identified in Executive Order 20-04 - MN DOR

Coronavirus Tax Relief - IRS 

Local Government Operations 

State of Main Street Summary - MN OSA
Information Available to Help Cities Prepare for Pandemic Response - League of MN Cities
COVID-19: What Mayors Need to Know - The United States Conference of Mayors

Small Business Assistance

MN Small Businesses NOW Eligible for SBA Disaster Loans - DEED
Federal Disaster Loans for Business, Private Nonprofits, Homeowners and Renters   
PPP Awards in Minnesota (Announced July 7, 2020 - Accepted until May 31, 2021)
Loans of $150,000 and Above
Loans Under $150,000

Unemployment Insurance 

Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program - DEED

Housing and Development 

RentHelpMN is Now Open for Applications - MN HFA
Construction Inspection Support Services Related to COVID-19 - MN DLI 
FAQs About Continuation of Municipal Inspection Services - MN DLI
COVID-19 Updates - MN HFA
Metro HRA Responses to COVID-19 - Metropolitan Council 


COVID-19 Outdoor Recreation, Facilities and Public Guidelines - MN DNR
MPCA's response to COVID-19