Archived News


January 5, 2024
Seeking Applicants for Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Opening
Latest Adult-Use Cannabis Rulemaking Survey is Live
Provide Input on 2050 Water Policy Plan Papers
MN Pollution Control Agency Will Host Cumulative Impacts Conversation
University of Minnesota Launches Small Communities Program
Local Taxes Advisory Task Force Update
Metropolitan Governance Task Force Update

January 12, 2024
State Revenues Update
Local Taxes Advisory Task Force Releases Draft Report
Regional Governance Task Force Update
DEED Contamination Cleanup Grant Awards Announced
Metro Cities’ 2024 Legislative Policies

January 19, 2024
Draft Livable Communities Distribution Funding Plan Released
Minnesota Housing Program Application Dates for 2024
Metropolitan Council Governance Task Force

January 26, 2024
Opening on Transportation Advisory Board (TAB)
Adult-Use Cannabis Updates
Metropolitan Council Governance Task Force Update
Cumulative Impacts Co-Learning Community Conversation
Brownfield Funding Webinar in February

February 2, 2024
Preliminary 2050 Long Range Forecasts Available
Adult-Use Cannabis Updates
Governance Task Force Update
Infrastructure Resilience Advisory Task Force Concludes

February 9, 2024
Metropolitan Council Committee Votes to Pause Funding for Two Livable Communities Programs
Solar on Public Buildings Grant Program
Legislative Session Begins Monday, February 12th

February 12, 2024
2024 Legislative Session Preview
Contact Information for Metro Cities Staff

February 16, 2024
Committees Hear School Resource Officer Legislation
Metropolitan Council Approves 2024 LCA Fund Distribution Plan
Engagement Opportunities on PFAS Rulemaking
Bills of Note

February 23, 2024
2024 Legislature Concludes Second Week of Session
School Resource Officer (SRO) Legislation Advances
Advancing “Missing Middle” Housing Bill Includes Local Preemption
Infrastructure Advisory Council Proposed
Transportation Advancement Account Estimates Available
Metropolitan Council 2050 Policy Plan Updates
Safe Streets for All Funding
Resilient Communities Project Call for Proposals
Office of Childcare Community Partnerships
Bills of Note

March 1, 2024
Metro Cities Annual Meeting – Mark Your Calendar!
Metro Cities Board of Directors Openings
February Budget and Economic Forecast Released
School Resource Officer Legislation Update
Bill Exempting Certain Group Homes from Local Licensing Receives Hearing
Traffic Camera Bill Heard in House
Source of Income Protection Bill Heard and Sent to House Floor
Bills of Note

March 8, 2024
Metro Cities Annual Meeting – Mark Your Calendar!
Metro Cities Board of Directors Openings
Zoning Preemption Bills Heard
Bill Prohibiting Corporate Purchasing of Single-Family Homes Heard
Housing Infrastructure Bill Heard
School Resource Officer Update
Group Home Bill Heard in House and Senate Committees
MN Voting Rights Act Heard in House and Senate
Solar on Public Buildings Program Opening
Local Climate Action Grants
Bills of Note

March 15, 2024
Metro Cities Annual Meeting – Mark Your Calendar!
Local Preemption Housing Bills Update
Local Housing Aid Maintenance of Effort Bill Heard
School Resource Officer Legislation Signed into Law
Bill Allows Local Governments to Franchise Broadband
Technical Bill Includes Change to Local Affordable Housing Aid Distribution Date
Public Safety Aid Survey
Save the Date! Regional Solicitation Engagement Opportunity
MN Shared Mobility Collaborative Convening in April
Bills of Note

March 22, 2024
Metro Cities Annual Meeting – Mark Your Calendar!
Multifamily Zoning Preemption Bill Heard
Omnibus Policy Bills
House and Senate Housing Committees Hear Bills to Increase HIBs
Omnibus Tenant Protection Bills Heard in House and Senate
Office of Cannabis Management Bill Hearing
Open Meeting Law Bills Heard in Senate
2024 Predevelopment and Policy Development Applications are Open
Met Council Hears Presentation on Changes to LCA Programs for 2025
FHWA Active Transportation Applications Open
Transportation Advisory Board Meeting
Bills of Note

March 28, 2024
Metro Cities Annual Meeting – Mark Your Calendar!
Leaders Agree to Global Budget Targets
Legislature Recesses Until April 2
Infrastructure Advisory Council Bill Heard
Bill Exempting Cities’ Comprehensive Plans from MERA Heard
Bill Removing Prohibition on Banning Merchant Bags Heard
FAQ for Local Affordable Housing Aid
Legislative Auditor Releases Report on Down Payment Assistance Programs
Bills of Note