Metro Cities: Who We Are

Metro Cities (the Association of Metropolitan Municipalities) is a membership organization representing cities in the seven-county metropolitan area at the Legislature, Executive Branch and Metropolitan Council. It is the only metro-wide entity that monitors regional and advocates for cities at the Metropolitan Council and that represents the interests of metro area cities at the state levels of government.

The organization was created with the primary objective to be an effective and influential voice at the state and regional levels of government. The organization’s membership includes cities of all sizes and characteristics across the metropolitan region.

All legislative policies are developed, vetted and adopted by the organization’s member cities each year and serve as the foundation of the organization’s work.

Metro Cities provides a unique forum for city officials in the region to work together, share ideas and problem solve and to foster open communication among city, regional and state officials.


Mission, Vision and Values

Metro Cities’ vision is that of an economically strong and vibrant metropolitan region that promotes successful communities. Its mission is to advance the shared interests of all metropolitan cities at the Executive Branch, Legislature and Metropolitan Council.

The organization’s Board of Directors and staff are committed to organizational core values of leadership, integrity, quality, stewardship and partnership.

2019 Metro Cities Legislative Policies

Metro Cities' 2019 Legislative Policies were recommended by members through Metro Cities' four policy committees and approved by the Metro Cities Board of Directors. The policies were adopted by the membership at the Policy Adoption Meeting on Thursday, November 29, 2018.

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