Archived News 


December 22, 2021 
Metro Cities Board of Directors Openings 
Happy Holidays! 

December 17, 2021 
Legislative Commission on Housing Affordability Reviews City Preemption Housing Proposal 
Metropolitan Council Considering Changes to Livable Communities Pre-Development Program 
Legislative Commission on Metropolitan Government Discusses 2022 Metropolitan Council Budget 
MHFA Releases Qualified Allocation Plan and Consolidated Request for Proposals Funding Priorities: Development Timeline and Engagement Opportunities 
PFAS Updates 
Transportation Components of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act 

December 10, 2021
Metro Cities' 2022 Legislative Policies Receive Final Adoption 
State's November Budget and Economic Forecast Released 
Metro Cities Board of Directors Openings 
Metropolitan Council Taking Public Comment on Transportation Plan Amendment 
Local Comp Planning Assistance Grants Receive Final Extension 
Senate Hears RentHelpMN and Bonding Updates from MHFA
Draft PFAS Monitoring Plan Released 

December 3, 2021
Metro Cities' Policy Adoption Meeting is Next Thursday, December 9!
Governor's Council on Economic Expansion Presents Report 
Redevelopment Grant and Demolition Loan Program Announces Next $2 Million Funding Round
EAB Grant Application Now Open 

November 24, 2021 
Metro Cities Policy Adoption Meeting is December 9 - Join Us! 

November 19, 2021 
Metro Cities Policy Adoption Meeting is December 9 - Plan to Attend! 
TAB Allocates $20 Million to Cities and Counties 
2022 Regional Solicitation Application Approved for Release 
Shared Mobility Collaborative Quarterly Convening 
Governor's Council on Economic Expansion Releases Final Recommendations 

November 12, 2021 
Metro Cities Policy Adoption Meeting is December 9 - Plan to Attend! 
State Revenues Update 
Governor's Council on Economic Expansion Discusses Draft Recommendations 
Metropolitan Council Adopts Payment Standards for Metro HRA Rent Assistance Programs 
Congress Passes Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act 
Priority Waters Project Update 

November 5, 2021
Save the Date! Metro Cities Legislative Policy Adoption Meeting 
Legislative Commission on Housing Affordability Hears from Greater Minnesota 
Metropolitan Council Discusses Next Steps of 2050 Regional Planning Process 
Climate Resilience Planning Grants 

October 29, 2021
Emerald Ash Borer Update 
Local Housing Trust Fund Survey - State Match Funds Available 

October 22, 2021 
Legislative Commission on Housing Affordability Discusses Home Sales, Demographic Data 
Frontline Worker Pay Group Meets 
Testimony from Law Enforcement Professionals in Senate 
MHFA Announces Application Process for 2022 4% Housing Tax Credits with Private Activity Bonds (4% Only)
DEED Launches Cultural Mall Operator Grant Program 
Zero-Emissions Bus Engagement Opportunity 

October 15, 2021
Metro Cities' 2022 Draft Legislative Policies 
State Revenues Update 
Metropolitan Council Offers Next Steps for 2020 Census Data 
DEED Announces First Round of Main Street Economic Revitalization Awards 
Twin Cities Highway Mobility Needs Analysis 

October 8, 2021
TAC Considers Allocation of $20 Million to Metropolitan Council 
Met Council Reviews TBRA SEED Redevelopment Category 
Metropolitan Council Reviews 2020 Census Data 

October 1, 2021
Legislative Policy Development Update 
COVID-19 Resources 

September 24, 2021
Legislative Commission on Housing Affordability Convenes 
2021 Policy Committees Wrap Up Work 
Legislative Commission on Data Practices Holds First Meeting in Two Years 
Police Work Group Develops Work Plan 
Met Council Considers Homeownership Pilot Funding Project 
Minnesota Main Street COVID Relief Grants Now Accepting Applications 

September 17, 2021
September Policy Committees Meet Next Week
State Creates New Governor's Council on Economic Expansion
Public Comment for Regional Solicitation Application Opens 

September 10, 2021
Transit Safety Report Released 
State Revenue Update 
2050 Water Resources Policy Plan Advisory Group

September 3, 2021
Minnesota Housing Requests Feedback from Cities on Affordable Housing Plan
DEED Launches Child Care Grants
Apply for Share of $64 million in Minnesota Main Street COVID Relief Grants Beginning September 20 

August 27, 2021
Star Tribune Counterpoint on Local Housing Issues 
Second Round of Policy Committee Meetings 
Metropolitan Council Passes Preliminary Budget
Metro Transit Updates
Metropolitan Council Kicks Off Police Work Group
2022 Environmental Services Capital Program 

August 20, 2021
TAB Recommends 2022-2025 TIP Approval
August Legislative Policy Committees Meet Next Week 

August 11, 2021
Redevelopment Grant Applications Due September 1
Proposals Now Accepted for Main Street Economic Revitalization Program
Metro Transit Outlines Plans for Future 
Federal Infrastructure Package Passes Senate 
Metro Cities August Legislative Policy Committees

August 6, 2021
Release of 2020 Generalized Land Use Inventory
Transit Safety Study Initial Findings 
Legislative Working Group on Frontline Workers 

July 30, 2021
Reminder: EAB Grant Application Closes August 9
Infrastructure Deal Reached
Metropolitan Council Adopts Wastewater Rates and Charges 
Updated Regional Forecast - Population and Employment Growth to 2050
New Chair, Members Appointed to Livable Communities Advisory Committee 

July 22, 2021 
Metropolitan Council Committee Authorizes Transfer for Affordable Housing 
MAWSAC Discusses Draft Report 
TAB Discusses Regional Solicitation 

July 16, 2021
Metro Cities Policy Committee Process Starts Next Week 
State Revenue Update 
Metropolitan Council Committee Adopts Wastewater Rates and Charges 
EAB Grant Application Open 
RentHelpMN Dashboard Available 
State Accepting Applications for Task Force on Shelter 
Redevelopment Applications Through DEED 
DEED 2021 Legislative Session Webinar Recording Available 
Transportation Alliance Hosts Federal Funding Discussion 

July 9, 2021 
Special Legislative Session Update 

July 1, 2021 
Legislative Session Update 
2021 Metro Cities Policy Committees Begin This Month 

June 25, 2021
Legislative Updates 
SWLRT Project Update 
2021 Metro Cities Policy Committees - Sign Up!

June 18, 2021 
Legislature Returns for Special Session 
Omnibus Tax Bill 
Omnibus Housing Bill 
Omnibus Jobs Bill 
Update to SAC Temporary Outdoor Seating Policy 
Metropolitan Council Transportation Updates 
2021 Metro Cities Policy Committees - Sign Up!

June 11, 2021 
Monthly State Revenue Update: Projected Revenues Up Strongly 
American Rescue Plan (ARP) Funding: Funding Request Form Now Available 
Metropolitan Council Convenes Focus Group to Review Comprehensive Planning Processes 
Pre-Development Projects Receive Metropolitan Council Committee Approval 
2021 Metro Cities Policy Committees - Sign Up!

June 4, 2021
Federal ARP Funding Updates
Legislative Updates 
2021 Metro Cities Policy Committees - Sign Up!

May 28, 2021 
ARPA Funding Update: Non-Entitlement Units of Government 
Housing Work Group Discusses Eviction Moratorium, Rental Assistance 
Metropolitan Council Population and Household Estimates Update 
Metropolitan Council Discusses Pedestrian Safety Action Plan 
2021 Metro Cities Policy Committees 

May 21, 2021 
Legislative Update 
Federal American Rescue Plan Funding 
Reminder: MCES Customer Budget & Annual Update 
Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Released 
MPCA PFAS Monitoring Plan
2021 Metro Cities Policy Committees 

May 18, 2021
2021 Legislative Session Ends with Budget Deal 
Deadline for Transportation Project Requests 

May 14, 2021 
American Rescue Plan Funding 
State's Mask Mandate Lifted 
Legislative Update
Recreational Cannabis Bill Passed on House Floor 
Metropolitan Council Discusses Proposed 2022 Wastewater Charges 
DEED Announces Redevelopment Grants and Demolition Loan Awards 
2021 Metro Cities Policy Committees 
Survey: Help Shape State COVID-19 Homeowner Assistance Program 
Bills of Note 

May 7, 2021 
COVID-19 Restrictions Update 
Legislative Session Updates
Minnesota Housing Seeks Input on 2022-23 Affordable Housing Plan 
Metro Cities Accepting Applications for TAC Opening 
Federal Infrastructure Plans: Transportation Alliance Webinar 
2021 Metro Cities Policy Committees 
Metro Area Mayors Participate in Affordable Housing Press Conference 
Bills of Note 

April 30, 2021 
Federal American Rescue Plan Funding and Webinar 
Legislative Updates 
Senate Transportation Committee Hears Transportation Planning Bills 
Recreational Cannabis Bill 
Police Reform Discussions 
DEED Coronavirus CDBG-CV Program: Call for Applications: Update 
Rental Assistance Application Process Open 
Metro Cities Accepting Applications for TAB/TAC Opening 
2021 Metro Cities Policy Committees 
Bills of Note 

April 23, 2021 
Legislative Updates 
Recreational Cannabis Bill 
Met Council Considers Funding Single Family Homeownership 
RentHelpMN Opens - State Asks Cities to Help Market Program 
DEED Coronavirus CDBG-CV Program: Call for Applications 
National League of Cities' American Jobs Plan Webinar 
2021 Metro Cities Policy Committees 
Sensible Land Use Coalition: Housing in a Pandemic and Beyond 
Bills of Note 

April 16, 2021 
Metro Cities Annual Meeting and Board Member Elections 
Legislative Omnibus Bills Advance
Police Reform Bills 
Senate Property Tax Division Releases Division Omnibus Bill 
Cannabis Legalization Bill 
Senate Passes Eviction Moratorium Phaseout 
COVID-19 Resources Page 
Metropolitan Council Internal Work Groups
2021 Metro Cities Policy Committees 
Minnesota Housing Consolidated RFP Released 
Bills of Note 

April 9, 2021 
Reminder! Annual Meeting is Next Thursday, April 15th 
Legislature Returns from Easter and Passover Recess 
House Omnibus Tax Bill 
Senate Property Tax Division Hears "Hold Harmless" Local Government Aid Bill 
Omnibus Budget Bills
American Jobs Plan 
Emergency Rental Assistance - Residents Should Gather Documents 
Metropolitan Council April PlanIt Updates 
Bills of Note 

April 1, 2021 
Metro Cities Annual Meeting: Mark Your Calendar 
Governor Gives State of the State Address 
Legislature in Recess Until April 6th 

March 26, 2021 
Metro Cities Annual Meeting: Mark Your Calendar 
House Property Tax Bill Approved by Committee 
State Housing Tax Credit Bills Debated 
House Passes High Rise Sprinkler Bill 
Workers Compensation Bills 
Bill to Repeal Car Emissions Authority 
Business Relief Payments Bill Laid Over 
Cannabis Bill Passes in House Agriculture 
Police Accountability Debated in Committee 
Sustainable Transportation Act 
Open Meeting Law Passed by the House 
Governor's State of the State Address 
State to Launch New Rental Assistance Program 
NLC Webinar: The American Rescue Plan and What it Means for Communities 
Bills of Note 

March 19, 2021
Governor Releases Supplemental Budget 
Two Local Preemption Proposals Heard in Three Committees This Week 
Committees Discuss Redevelopment, Economic Development Funding 
Bill to Reimburse Metropolitan Landfill Account 
New Business Assistance Funds Considered 
Bills Propose Funding for Small Cities Assistance Account 
Local Homeless Prevention Aid Considered 
Bill Restricts Peacetime Emergencies 
Bill Allows City-Adopted Pesticide Ordinances 
Peace Officer Statute of Limitations Bill
Additional 2020 Regional Solicitation Data 
Equity Presentations to Metropolitan Council Transportation Advisory Board 
Bills of Note 

March 12, 2021 
Federal Relief Package Signed into Law 
Governor Walz Eases COVID Restrictions 
Local Zoning Preemption Bill Passes Senate Committee 
Sacred Settlement Bill Paused 
Public Safety Reimbursement Bill Passes Senate 
Bill Encourages Local Governments to Seek FEMA Reimbursements 
Bill Allows for a Regional Inflow-Infiltration Program
4d Study, Expansion Bills Heard in House Property Taxes 
Website Accessibility Funding for Cities 
Proposal Allows Administrative Citations by Metro Transit 
Bill Prohibits Ranked Choice Voting 
Street Improvement Districts Passes First House Committee 
House Committees Consider Affordable Housing Funding Bills 
House Introduces Proposal for Eviction Moratorium Off-ramp
Senate Hears Angel Investor Tax Credit Bill 
Bill Prohibits Bike Lanes in Rights of Way 
State Auditor Discusses State of Main Street 
Livable Communities Program Changes for 2021 
Bills of Note 

March 5, 2021
Sacred Settlement Bill Passes Human Services Committee 
Bill Allows Metropolitan Council to Fund Private Property Inflow-Infiltration Mitigation 
PERA Aid Bill
Bill Pauses State Building and Energy Code Updates
Redevelopment and Economic Development Funding Bill Heard
City Hotel Licensing 
Workforce & Homeownership Bill Passes Committee 
Rent Control Preemption Bill Sent to Senate Floor
Senate Debates Ending Eviction Moratorium, Issuing Rental Assistance 
Sprinkler Bills Heard in House, Senate Committees 
Budget Recommendations for MnDOT and Metropolitan Council 
Administrative Citations (Metro Transit) 
Street Improvement District Bill to be Heard in House 
PFAS Initiative Heard in Senate
Homeless Prevention Aid Program Proposed 
Cannabis Legalization Bill Advances 
Bill Providing Funds to Address Racial Injustice Passes House Committee 
TAC Regional Solicitation Survey and Preparation 
Bills of Note 

February 26, 2021 
State's February Budget Forecast Projects $1.6 Billion Surplus
Metropolitan Council Authorizes 2021-22 I/I Grant Program 
Governor Proposes Bonding Package 
Housing Reinvestment Bills Heard in Senate 
House Open Meeting Bill Moves to Floor 
Senate Considers Broadband Funding 
Bill Allows Homes on Religious Properties 
Construction Careers Bill 
Bus Rapid Transit Plans 
Future of Passenger Rail in MN 
Metro Cities Board of Directors Openings 
Bills of Note 

February 19, 2021 
Legislative Updates
House Committee Hears Street Impact Fee Bill 
Local Salary Cap Repeal Bill Passes House Committee 
Bill Provides Open Meeting Law Change for Exceptions During Pandemic 
Local Government Aid Reimbursement Bill Passes Senate 
SAFE Account Bill Defeated in House 
Bill Legalizing Recreational Cannabis Passes House Committee 
Staggered Terms Bill Passes House Committee 
Senate Bill Restricts Distribution of MHFA Funds 
Election Bills Receive Hearings 
Rent Control City Preemption Bill Passes Senate Committee 
Senate Housing Committee Considers 30-Year Rental Affordability Requirement 
Senate Committee Hears from Suburban Transit Providers 
Proposed Federal COVID Relief Package 
Metropolitan Council Committee Adopts Changes to Livable Communities Program Criteria 
Racial Equity in Transportation Planning 
Bills of Note 
Metro Cities Welcomes New Staff 

February 12, 2021 
State Revenues More Than Forecast
Legislative Updates 
Bill Modifies Truth-in-Taxation Processes 
Housing Preemption Bills 
Committees Review Housing Infrastructure Bonds 
Street Impact Fee Bill Passes House Committee 
Economic Development Bills 
Bill Commits Tax Revenues to HUTDF
Bills of Note 
Executive Order Modifies Restrictions on Activities and Businesses 

February 05, 2021 
Street Infrastructure Accountability Bill to be Heard in House
Senate Property Tax Committee Reviews 4d Expansion Bill 
SAFE Account Heard in Committee 
Proposed State Fund for Rental Assistance 
Continued Business Operations Bill Heard in Senate Jobs Committee 
Funding for Homeless Shelters Considered by House Committees 
Election Bills in House and Senate 
Minneapolis Federal Reserve President Speaks to Senate Committee 
Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Development Schedule 
Bills of Note 

January 29, 2021 
Governor Walz Releases Budget Recommendations 
Cap on Restaurant Delivery Fees Passes House Committee 
House Transportation Committee Hears from Municipal Officials 
Housing Assistance Funds Discussed in House Committee 
Open Meeting Law Receives Committee Discussion 
House Committee on Racial Justice Issues Report 
Metropolitan Council Transportation Committee/Orange Line Study 
Bills of Note 

January 22, 2021 
Senate Finance Committee Reviews COVID-19 Funding 
Capital Budget Process for Local Government Bonding Projects 
House Hears Broadband Funding Bill 
Legislature Discusses Local Housing Roles 
Metropolitan Council Continues Discussions on 2021 Livable Communities Scoring 
Metropolitan Council Begins 2050 Planning Process 
DEED Awards Contamination Cleanup Grants 
TAB Hears Presentation on Roadway Functional Classification 
Bills of Note 

January 15, 2021 
State Economic and Revenue Update 
Session Updates 
House Housing Committees Hear Latest Numbers on Homelessness 
Redevelopment Grant and Demolition Loan Funding Now Available - Applications Due February 1
Metropolitan Council Transportation Committee Approves Regional Solicitation 
Local Housing Trust Funds Survey 
Bills of Note  

January 08, 2021 
State Issues New Guidance on Business Reopening 
2021 Legislative Session Begins -- Bills of Note 
Coronavirus Relief Funding Update 
Bar and Restaurant Checks Mailed Next Week 
Guidance on New Federal Emergency Rental Assistance 
Housing Goal Methodology Approved by CDC, 59 Cities Will Be Authorized
Metropolitan Council CDC Recommends Local Housing Incentives Account Awards 
Metro HRA Recommends Project Based Voucher Award Recommendations 
MnDOT to Hold Drone Meeting