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Active Transportation Funding Opportunity

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has an open solicitation for funding that will assist communities in the implementation of streetside activation projects, which change non-travel lane parts of the street. Examples of eligible projects could include parklets, landscaping, art exhibits, outdoor seating, or bicycle parking. MnDOT will select up to two communities for this quick-build/demonstration project opportunity with a maximum of $25,000 being made available per community. The goal of this initiative is to grow interest in active transportation and to test new ideas. Cities are encouraged to apply. Applications are due at 5:00 PM on Friday, December 23, 2022.

MnDOT will host two webinars in early December to discuss application requirements in greater detail. Awards will be announced in early 2023 with work beginning in late Spring.

Click HERE for more information on this opportunity, application requirements, and scoring criteria. Contact Mike Lund at [email protected] with any questions.


2023 Legislative Committee Chairs Announced

MN House Speaker Melissa Hortman and MN Senate Majority Leader Elect Kari Dziedzic announced committee chairs for the upcoming 2023 legislative session. Committee members are expected to be announced in December. Metro Cities will post this and other information as it becomes available.

House Committee Chairs:
Agriculture Finance and Policy - Vang
Capital Investment - Lee, F.
Climate & Energy Finance and Policy - Acomb
Commerce Finance & Policy - Stephenson
Children & Families Finance and Policy - Pinto
Economic Development Finance - Hassan
Elections Finance & Policy - Freiberg
Environment & Natural Resources Finance and Policy - Hansen
Ethics - Moller
Health Finance & Policy - Liebling
Higher Education Finance & Policy - Pelowski
Housing Finance & Policy - Howard
Human Services Finance - Noor
Human Services Policy - Fischer
Judiciary Finance & Civil Law - Becker-Finn
Education Finance - Yoakim
Education Policy - Pryor
Labor & Industry Finance and Policy - Nelson
Legacy Finance - Lillie
Public Safety Finance & Policy - Moller
State & Local Government Finance and Policy - Klevorn
Sustainable Infrastructure Policy - Koegel
Taxes - Gomez
Property Tax Division - Lislegard
Transportation Finance - Hornstein
Veterans & Military Affairs Finance and Policy - Newton
Ways & Means - Olson
Workforce Development Finance - Xiong

Senate Committee Chairs:
Agriculture and Rural Development - Putnam
Housing - Port
Capital Investment - Pappas
Commerce & Consumer Protection - Klein
Education Finance - Kunesh
Education Policy - Cdwodzinski
Elections - Carlson
Energy, Utilities, Environment & Climate - Frentz
Labor - McEwen
Finance - Marty
Health & Human Services - Wiklund
Human Services - Hoffman
Jobs & Economic Development - Champion
Higher Education - Fateh
Judiciary & Public Safety - Latz
Legacy & Natural Resources - Hawj
Rules & Administration - Dziedzic
State & Local Government & Veterans - Murphy
Taxes - Rest
Transportation - Dibble


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