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RSVP for Metro Cities Policy Adoption Meeting November 17th!

Metro Cities’ legislative policies will receive final adoption at the Policy Adoption Meeting on Thursday, November 17th at 4:00 p.m. The meeting will be virtual and will feature keynote speakers Brian Bakst, MN Public Radio, and Briana Bierschbach, Star Tribune, who will discuss the November elections and upcoming session. A quorum is required for the adoption of policies. Please plan to attend! RSVP to Jennifer Dorn at [email protected].

Community Development Grant Overview

Metropolitan Council staff presented an overview of the Community Development Division’s grant programs at the Community Development Committee meeting on Monday. The division has approximately 425 active grants with a portfolio totaling around $226 million. There are 10 annual solicitations managed by program staff.

The Livable Communities Act (LCA) provides funding for local communities to invest in economic development, workforce, and housing initiatives. Within Livable Communities there are approximately 150 active grant projects totaling $74.8 million. LCA funds have been used since 1996 to leverage billions of dollars in additional public and private investment. The presentation slides highlight three LCA projects.

The Metropolitan Council administers several programs that improve the regional parks and trails system. These funds are either awarded to or passed through to the 10 Regional Parks Implementing Agencies. The current parks and trails portfolio contains 200 active projects totaling $149 million. These funds help improve facilities, acquire land, engage with the public, and advance equity throughout the parks and trails system. The presentation slides highlight three parks projects.

Finally, Council staff described the local planning assistance grants awarded in 2016. $1.86 million in grant funds were awarded to municipalities without planning staff so they could hire consultants and pay city staff to complete their 2040 comprehensive plans. As of November 2022, $1.81 million has been paid out to 69 grantees.

Click HERE to view the presentation materials from Monday’s Community Development meeting.

2022 Residential Wastewater Rates

Metropolitan Council staff presented information to the Environment Committee regarding the 2022 wastewater rates charged by municipalities in the region. Sewer charges are analyzed biennially in even-numbered years. This work identified rates in 111 communities for 2022. The weighted average for 2022 residential annual sewer charge per single-family household in the metropolitan region was $377. This average has increased 3.7% annually (on average). The national average charge per household is $580.

The highest 10 municipal charges ranged from $614 to $968. The lowest 10 municipal charges ranged from $160 to $250. Most of the highest and lowest charges are found in small cities. Small cities can have lower costs if the population is dense, and less infrastructure is required to connect residents to the wastewater system. However, if cities have relatively few residents and require more infrastructure to reach those residents, costs (and rates) can be higher.

Click HERE to view the presentation materials from Tuesday’s Environment Committee. Click HERE to view the 2022 Survey of Municipal Residential Wastewater Rates. Contact Mike Lund at [email protected] or 651-215-4003 with any questions.

EV Smart Communities Webinar

The Great Plains Institute is hosting an informational webinar that will introduce the EV Smart Communities program and explain how your community can become involved on November 17, 2022, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. The EV Smart Communities is a recognition program designed to provide communities with a roadmap to electric vehicle (EV) readiness, including securing funding and getting projects off the ground. The path to becoming EV ready involves a portfolio of best practices and actions that include both simple steps and more complicated initiatives that makes it possible for any community to participate. You can register for the webinar meeting HERE.

Contact Tony Fischer at [email protected] or Diana McKeown at [email protected] with any questions.


Attached is a link to a 2022 elections update. This update contains information on the election results for statewide offices and key legislative races. The update was prepared by Metro Cities’ consultant lobbyists at Amundson Strategies. Questions? Contact Patricia Nauman at 651-215–4002 or [email protected].


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