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December 28, 2017
Reminder! Metro Cities Seeking Candidates for the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB)
Thank You and Happy Holidays!

December 21, 2017
Reminder! Metro Cities Seeking Candidates for the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB)
Metropolitan Council Committee Recommends Comp Plan Extension Policy
Metropolitan Council Regional Growth Strategy Work Group Meets
Gov. Dayton Announces New Task Force on Affordable Housing
Thank You and Happy Holidays!

December 15, 2017
Metro Cities Seeks Interested Candidates for a Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) Seat
Metropolitan Council Transportation Committee Approves Suburban Transit Policy Change
Metropolitan Council Committee Accepts Wastewater Reuse Task Force Findings
Metropolitan Council 2018 Operating and Capital Budget; Transit Funding Deficit
Livable Communities TOD and Affordable Housing Grant Recipients Announced
DEED Announces Broadband Grant Recipients, Including Metro Awards

December 5, 2017
State Budget Forecast Projects a Deficit
Metro Regional Meeting and Metro Cities Policy Adoption
Metropolitan Council Considers Requirements for Local Fair Housing Policies
Metropolitan Council Committee Approves Transit Funding Agreements

November 21, 2017
Metro Regional & Policy Adoption Meeting is Next Wednesday
State Revenue Update
TAB Approves Regional Solicitation for Public Comment
ADA Training and Regional Solicitation
Legislative Committee Discusses MNLARS

November 8, 2017
Metro Cities Policy Adoption Meeting and Metro Regional Meeting
Final Outreach Meeting on SAC Task Force Recommendations
Met Council Discusses Climate Vulnerability and Impacts on Infrastructure
Met Council Advisory Committees Discuss Water Supply Planning and Land Use
TAC Makes Regional Solicitation Recommendations
Minnesota Housing Announces Funding Awards
Events and Workshops for City Officials

October 26, 2017
Metro Cities' Draft Policies Are Online For Review
SAC Task Force Recommendations and Outreach Meetings

October 13, 2017
SAC Task Force Recommendations/Outreach Meetings
Mark Your Calendar! Metro Regional and Metro Cities Policy Adoption Meeting
OLA Releases Transit Financial Activity Report

October 6, 2017
Met Council Discusses a Comp Plan Extension Policy
Land Use Advisory Committee Vacancies in Scott, Carver Counties
SAVE THE DATA - Metro Regional Meeting / Policy Adoption Meeting Set for November 29
Policy Committee Survey

September 28, 2017
Opening on Metro Cities Board
House Committee Approves Bill Requiring Approval of Local Housing Goals
Met Council Approves Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)
CTIB Holds Final Meeting
Transit Fares to Increase October 1

September 22, 2017
Small Cell Wireless Legislation Update and Timelines
Met Council Studying Options to Preserve Manufactured Home Parks
Legislative Committee to Hear Bill Requiring Approval of Local Housing Goals
Comprehensive Planning Forum
Policy Committees Wrapping Up

September 13, 2017
Forum on Local Comp Planning This Friday—Join Us!
Inflow-Infiltration Grant Applications Due September 22
Next Week: Final Policy Committee Meetings
House Transportation Committee Discusses MNLARS
Met Council Transportation Committee Approves TIP
Met Council Environment Committee Approves Green Infrastructure Grants
State Revenues Update
Invitation to Tour Turf Grass Irrigation Efficiency Project

September 7, 2017
Metro Cities Forum is Next Friday! Join Us!
Metropolitan Council Forms Regional Growth Strategy Group
Local Update of Census Addresses

August 24, 2017
Mark Your Calendars for September 15! Metro Cities Forum on Local Comprehensive Plans
State Revenue Update
Met Council Approves Guidelines for Inflow-Infiltration Program
Metro HRA Considers Increasing Project Based Vouchers; Discusses Federal Funding
Met Council Approves Preliminary 2018 Levies, Sets Budget Adoption Date
Opening on the TAC

August 11, 2017
Opening on the TAC
Inflow-Infiltration Grant Program Guidelines
Manufactured Housing Grant Given Preliminary Approval
Metro Cities Policy Committees Update
State Capitol Grand Re-Opening Is This Weekend
Save the Date! Forum on Comprehensive Planning 

August 4, 2017
MnDOT Opens Solicitation for Local Road Improvement Program
Metro Cities Staff News
Met Council Releases Training Tools for Comprehensive Plan Updates

July 28, 2017
Metropolitan Council Approves MCES Rates and Charges
Met Council Votes to Increase Transit Fares

July 21, 2017
2017 Municipal License and Permit Fee Survey
Metropolitan Council Committee Approves MCES Rates and Charges
Metropolitan Council Committee Reviews Trends in Comp Plan Amendments
Transit Fare Increase Discussed
DEED Broadband Grants Due September 11

July 7, 2017
Policy Committee Dates Are Approaching!
Applications Being Accepted for TED Grants
Adam Duininck to Leave Metropolitan Council
TAB Releases TIP for Public Comment

June 22, 2017
CTIB Votes to Dissolve
Small Cities Account Fund Distribution by City
Inflow-Infiltration Grant Program and Informational Meeting
Sunday Liquor Sales Law Goes into Effect July 1
State Revenues Dip Again in May
Metropolitan Council Advisory Committee Openings
Reminder: Green Infrastructure Grant Program Applications Due July 17
2017 Municipal License and Permit Fee Survey
Metro Cities Breakfast at LMC Conference

June 9, 2017
Legislative Wrap Up
Join Us for Breakfast Next Friday at the LMC Conference!
MCES Budget Forums Outline 2018 Rates and Budget
CTIB Passes Resolution to Dissolve
Reminder: Metropolitan Council Accepting Applications for Green Infrastructure Grant Program until July 17
Upcoming Workshops for City Officials
Metro Cities Policy Committees

June 7, 2017
2017 Legislative Session Wrap Up
Omnibus Transportation Bill
Omnibus Taxes Bill
Omnibus Jobs Bill
Omnibus Capital Investment (Bonding) Bill
Omnibus State Government Finance Bill
Omnibus Environment Bill
Omnibus Agriculture Bill - Urban Agriculture Funded
Business Notification Bill
Employment Standards Preemption Language Vetoed
Metropolitan Council Bills
Local City Voices at the Capitol

June 2, 2017
Legislative Update
MCES Customer Forum: 2018 Budget
Metro Cities Policy Committees
Metro Cities Breakfast at the June LMC Annual Conference

May 26, 2017
Legislature Concludes Special Session

May 23, 2017
Legislature in Special Session after Governor and Leaders Reach Tentative Budget Agreement
Stay Tuned for Further Updates

May 22, 2017
Legislative Update
Omnibus Jobs Bill Includes Small Cell Legislation; Passes House and Senate
Condo/Townhome Bill Sent to Governor
Corrected Time - MCES Customer Forum: 2018 Budget

May 19, 2017
MCES Customer Forum: 2018 Budget
Session Adjournment Looms without Budget Agreement
Small Cell Bill Update
Business Notice Bill Sent to Governor
Condo/Townhome Bill Passes Senate
Met Council Accepting Green Infrastructure Grant Program Applications
Metropolitan Council Discusses Comp Plans
Interested in a TAC Seat?
Metro Cities Policy Committees
Metro Cities Breakfast at the June LMC Annual Conference

May 17, 2017
Legislative Update
Small Cell Wireless Bill: ALERT
Tax Bill
Jobs Bill
Transportation Bill
Interim Ordinance Bill Vetoed by Governor
House Proposes Larger, $800 Million Capital Investment Bill

May 12, 2017
State Revenues Dip in April
Legislative Update: Budget Negotiations, Conference Committees, Bill Vetoes
Jobs Bill Conference Committee
Small Cell Bill
Taxes Conference Committee Report
Interim Ordinance Legislation Passes Senate
Transportation Conference Committee Report Passes House
Metropolitan Governance Bill Passes Senate
Environment Conference Committee Report Passes House and Senate
Governor Signs Awards and National Night Out Bills
Omnibus Liquor Bill Heard in Ways and Means
Introduced Bills of Note
MCES Customer Forum: 2018 Budget
Metro Cities Policy Committees

May 5, 2017
Legislative Update
Conference Committee Updates
Business Notice Bill Passes in House
House Passes Awards and National Night Out Bills
House Releases Bonding Bill
Fire Sprinkler Legislation Signed Into Law
Bill Introductions

April 28, 2017
Metro Cities Policy Committees
Legislative Update
Taxes Conference Committee
Transportation Conference Committee
Environment Omnibus Bill Conference Committee
Jobs Bill Conference Committee
Legacy Bill Conference Committee
Condo & Townhome Housing Choice Bill Passes House
Omnibus Elections Bill Passes Senate Finance
This Week's Bill Introductions of Note

April 21, 2017
Board Members and Officers Elected at Metro Cities Annual Meeting
Legislative Conference Committees Begin Work
Wage/Paid Time Preemption Bill Passes Senate
Met Council Wastewater Reuse Task Force Holds First Meeting
Metro HRA Funding Facing Shortfall, Housing Choice Voucher Losses
Community Development Committee Reviews Updated MUSA Guidelines
TAB Approves Regional Solicitation "Over-Programming"
Local Comprehensive Plans Seminar Addresses Ethics in Plans
Introduced Bills of Note

April 13, 2017
Metro Cities Annual Meeting is Next Thursday!
Upcoming Transit and Wastewater Treatment Plant Tours
Legislative Update
Metropolitan Council Approves Public Process to Consider Transit Fares

April 7, 2017
We Want to See YOU at the Metro Cities Annual Meeting on April 20th!
Legislative Update
Small Cell Wireless Bill Update
House Jobs Bill Includes MIF/JCF Funds, Housing Cut, Restrictions on Local Control
Private Inflow-Infiltration Funding Included in House Legacy Bill
Minnesota Investment Fund to Receive Legislative Audit
Metropolitan Council Environment Services (MCES) Customer Forum
Bill Introductions of Note

April 4, 2017
Legislative Update
Omnibus Transportation Bills Pass House and Senate
Senate Tax Bill Passes Floor
CTIB and Transit Update
House Passes Omnibus Public Safety Bill
Regional Stormwater Innovation Grant Program Deadline Approaching

March 31, 2017
Don't Forget - RSVP Now for the Metro Cities Annual Meeting!
Legislative Update: A Week Marked by Action on Omnibus Bills
Omnibus Tax Bills
Senate and House Advance Jobs Bills with MIF and JCF Funding
Fire Sprinkler Restrictions Approved
Letter Supporting Local Control: Update
Join a Metro Cities Policy Committee!
Newly Introduced Bills of Note

March 24, 2017
Legislative Update
House Tax Bill Passes Tax Committee
Special Service District Repeal Heard but not Included in House Tax Bill
Omnibus Transportation Bills Pass Committees in House and Senate
Small Cell Wireless Bill, Bag Ban and Interim Ordinance Provisions in House Jobs Bill
Senate, House Release MIF/JCF Funding Bills - Metro Excluded from JCF in House Bill
Inflow-Infiltration Bill for Private Properties Heard
Senate Committee Releases Budget for Housing Programs
Legislative Audit Commission Narrows Topics for Audit Evaluation
Senate Environment Bill Passed to Floor
Met Council Waste Water Task Force Approved
DEED Awards $1 Million in Redevelopment Grants
Mark Your Calendars! Metro Cities Annual Meeting is April 20th!
EVENT: City Officials Invited to Tour Wastewater Plant and Transit Line Routes

March 17, 2017
Legislative Update
Several Bills Advancing that Affect Local Decision Making Authority
Franchise Fee Bill Heard in Senate Committee
Bill Repealing Special Service District Authority To Be Heard Monday
Condo & Townhome Housing Choice Bill Passes Senate Committee
Metropolitan Council Governance Bill Heard in Senate
MN Investment Fund/Job Creation Fund Bills Heard
Bill Requires Legislative Approval of Local Housing Goals
Two Housing Challenge Program Bills Debated
Housing Trust Fund Bill Heard
Urban Ag Bill Heard
Business Ordinance Notification Bill Update
City Street Funding Bills Heard
Small Cell Wireless Bill Laid Over in Committee
Transit Fare Increase Discussed by Met Council Transportation Committee
Bills of Note

March 13, 2017
Legislative Update
Bill Requires Housing-Related Rulemaking to Receive Legislative Review
Local Government Aid Bills Heard
SAC Outdoor Seating Bill Heard
Minnesota Housing's Challenge Fund Appropriation Debated
Metropolitan Governance Bills Heard
Senate Omnibus Capital Investment Bill Passed to Floor
Emerald Ash Borer/Shade Tree Bills Heard
CTIB Passes Resolution to Dissolve
Storm Water Reuse Bills Heard
Transit Bills Heard
Livable Communities Work Group Informs 2017 Fund Distribution Plan
Introduced Bills of Note: Week of March 6-10

March 10, 2017
Mark Your Calendars--Metro Cities Annual Meeting!
Legislative Update

March 6, 2017
Legislative Update
State Budget and Economic Forecast Projects $1.65 Billion Surplus
Economic Development (MIF/JCF) Bills Introduced
Metropolitan Governance Bill Passes House Committee
Condo & Townhome Housing Choice Bill Debated
Record Retention Bill Heard
Senate Tax Committee Hears LGA, Fiscal Disparities Bills
House Government Operations Committee Discusses Franchise Fee Bill
Interim Ordinance Bill Amended, Passes House Floor, Senate Committee
Small Cell Wireless Bill Receives First Hearings
Elections Bill
CTIB Dissolution on Hold; Will Have Another Meeting This Week
New Bill Introductions of Note

March 3, 2017
Metro Cities Mourns Loss of Tom Grundhoefer
Legislative Update
Openings on Metro Cities Board of Directors-Please Reply by Monday
Mark Your Calendars-Metro Cities Annual Meeting!

February 24, 2017
Openings on Metro Cities Board of Directors
Legislative Update
Bills to Restore Economic Development Funding (MIF/JCF) Heard in Senate Committee
Met Council Governance and Transit Bills Heard in House Committee
House and Senate Transportation Committees Update
Minnesota Housing Approves Final Changes to 2018 QAP
Local Housing Trust Fund Bill Introduced
Metropolitan Council Approves 2017 Regional Stormwater Innovation Grant Program
National Night Out Bill Passes Senate Committee
Economic Development Day on the Hill
Community Development Committee Discusses MUSA Policy, Density Requirements
Bills of Note

February 17, 2017

Legislative Update
MN Investment Fund/Job Creation Fund - Bills Introduced
Bill Would Redirect Housing Challenge Fund to Greater Minnesota Workforce Housing
Townhouse Definition Change Bill Heard in Committee
Condo & Townhome Housing Choice Legislation
Transportation Committee/CTIB Update
Small Cell Wireless Update
Changes to Housing Bonds Priorities Discussed
Group Residential Program Spacing Requirement Bills Introduced
Met Council Governance Bills to Receive Hearing
Uniform State Labor Standards Act Bill Update
Equity Grantees Report Program to Senate Committee
EVENT: Attend Economic Development Day on the Hill - February 22
EVENT: Grants for Cleaning Contamination and Building a Better Community
EVENT: Planning and Financing Affordable Housing in Your Community - MHFA
Introduced Bills of Note

February 10, 2017
Legislative Update
Bill to Streamline Sales Tax Exemption for Construction Materials Heard
Bills to Restore Economic Development/Redevelopment Program Funding
Metropolitan Governance Bills Introduced
City Street Funding Bill Introduced
Bill to Limit Local Authority in Public Rights of Way Introduced
Bill Expanding Local Government Investment Authority Passes Committee
Email Retention Requirements for Cities Heard
Local Wage Preemption Bill Passes Senate and House Committees
Livable Communities Work Group Discusses 2017 Distribution Plan
Bills of Note

February 3, 2017
Interim Ordinance Bill Passes House Committee to Floor
House Property Tax Division Hears This Old House/This Old Shop Bill
Bills to Streamline Construction Sales Tax Exemption Scheduled for Hearing
Local Wage Preemption Bill Passes House Committee
Submit Comments During MHFA Public Comment Period - Due February 9
Met Council Discusses Fare Increase, Equity Advisory Committee Work
House and Senate Committees Discuss Metropolitan Council's Budget and Activities
Additional Tour of Metro Wastewater Plan Added Next Friday
Introduced Bills of Interest and Note

January 27, 2017
Metro Cities to Welcome New Office Manager
Legislative Update
Interim Ordinance Bill Scheduled for Hearing in House Committee on Tuesday
Governor Dayton Releases Budget Recommendations
Senate Committee Passes Omnibus Capital Investment Bill
Public Safety Response Costs Bill Passes House Committee
House Committee Hears Bill to Extend In-Person Absentee Voting Time
MHFA Revises Proposed 2018 QAP for 4% Credits, Opens New Public Comment Period
City Officials Invited to Tour Metro Wastewater Plant
Economic Development Day at the Capitol is February 22
Bills of Note

January 23, 2017
Legislative Update
Legislature Discusses CTIB as it Takes First Step Toward Dissolution
TAB Approves 2016 Regional Solicitation
Met Council Reviews Use of 2016 Fair Housing Resources
Metro Cities Welcomes Government Relations Intern
Metro Cities Seeks Candidates for Board Seats
Metro Cities Seeks Candidates for a Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) Seat
Met Council to Hold Comp Plan Training Sessions
Bills of Note

January 13, 2017
Metro Cities Seeks Candidates for Board Seats
Metro Cities Seeks Interested Candidates for a TAB Seat
Legislative Update
DEED Presents Key Economic Development Programs to House, Senate Committees
Legislative Audit Findings on Legacy Amendment
Minnesota Housing Explains Proposed 4% Housing Tax Credit Changes
Broadband Grant Awards Announced, Include Grant in Metro Region
Bills of Note

January 9, 2017
2017 Legislative Session Begins
House and Senate Committees
2017 Legislative Issues Preview
CTIB Discusses Its Future
Interested in a Metro Cities Board Seat?
Metro Cities Seeks Interested Candidates for a Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) Seat
Met Council Posts Slides, Presentations from December PlanIt Conference
EVENT: Register for MHFA 4% Tax Credit Session
EVENT: Register for Transit Oriented Development in Your Comp Plan - Met Council PlanIt Training
Bills of Note