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Corridors of Commerce Submittal Process Opens with New Requirements

The 2022 Corridors of Commerce (COC) submittal process opened on August 1 and will close on November 30, 2022. There is $250 million in program funding available. Any city is eligible to submit a project recommendation via the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s online form. Click HERE to view the submittal form. Click HERE to view detailed program guidance and process information for 2022-2023.

Please note that there are new required fields on the project recommendation form for 2022. These include a detailed project description, a cost estimate, and the name and contact information for the licensed engineer who reviewed the cost estimate. This year’s COC process also includes new scoring criteria. Projects will now have their deliverability scored. This will be measured by determining where a recommended project is within the environmental review process.

Eligible applicants for corridors of commerce funding include cities, counties, townships, tribal governments, formal corridor coalitions, and the Metropolitan Council. Eligible entities are limited to one project recommendation request. MnDOT will begin reviewing submissions in December. Final project descriptions, cost estimates, and letters of support are due on March 1, 2023. Formal scoring for projects will begin in March of 2023. MnDOT will announce project awards on May 1, 2023.

Contact Mike Lund at [email protected] or 651-215-4003 with any questions.

Regional Solicitation Budget Tool -- Submit Preferences Until August 17

The Metropolitan Council and the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) are collecting data from the public using an online budget tool where users will allocate $100 million in transportation funds between various project types. These responses will help the TAB as it selects projects for Regional Solicitation funding this summer and fall. The online budget tool will remain open through August 17. Click HERE to access the budget tool and submit your preferences.

The Regional Solicitation occurs every two years and awards about $180 million in federal funds. Project types fall roughly into three categories: roadways including multimodal elements, Transit and Travel Demand Management (TDM) projects, and Bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Click HERE to view a summary of the applications received in the 2022 solicitation. Click HERE for more information on the Regional Solicitation process, application information, project types, and more.

Contact Mike Lund at [email protected] or 651-215-4003 with any questions.


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